Trembley unplugged

Brian Roberts hit from the left side today, taking his cuts at soft-toss and off a tee.

Michael Aubrey took batting practice and fielded grounders at first base as he draws closer to playing in a game after injuring his groin last Saturday in Tampa. Head athletic trainer Richie Bancells told manager Dave Trembley that it should be “any day now.”

“We’ve got, what, 16 or 15 games left to play? About half the camp,” Trembley said.

It’s 13 after today, if you’re keeping score at home.

Trembley doesn’t seem overly concerned about Nolan Reimold’s 0-for-19 slump.

“He’s working at it,” Trembley said. “Crow said he’s getting close. Obviously, he’s a little rusty. He’s going to get some more at-bats today. He’s going to get two tomorrow. I think he’s handling it very well. His BPs are a lot better. We’re just trying to catch him up.

“I don’t think anybody would be particularly alarmed if (Nick) Markakis was hitting .180 in spring training or was 0-for-17. I’m not alarmed. There’s still a lot of time to play.

“We’re putting an awful lot of time in the cage. We’re getting very good reports on the work that’s being put in. They’re all ready to click. Everybody’s just ready to start clicking.”

Trembley also said he’s not alarmed about Koji Uehara, who’s sidelined with a sore left hamstring.

“I’ve been led to believe he’s going to be OK,” Trembley said. “We’ll give him a few days off and let’s get him going again. But we do have some options. My first option would be to know he’s going to be in that bullpen because he’s been very good this spring, and that’s how I’d suspect that he’d be once the season starts.

“I feel very confident that he’ll be ready for the season. I’ve been led to believe that it’s a day-to-day thing. If it gets to a point two or three days before camp ends, then I’d have some reason to be alarmed, but I’m not now.”

OK, I’ll be concerned for everyone. Uehara has been hurt and unavailable a lot since the Orioles signed him. I’m not slamming him, but it has to be a concern when you’re trying to construct your 12-man pitching staff and he’s viewed as an important part of your bullpen.

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