Twins lineup and assorted stuff

As I sit in the press box at Hammond Stadium, I’m reminded that it’s supposed to rain tonight. That’s because the top of my head just brushed against a gray cloud.

We’re pretty high up. And the clouds are pretty gray.

The wind is strong enough to lift the batting cage and carry it to the Red Sox’s complex down the road. Popups will be an adventure tonight. But so far, no rain.

Is it a bad sign that a bee stung manager Dave Trembley while he spoke to reporters in front of the visiting dugout?

The bee landed in Trembley’s ear and planted its stinger in his left index finger as he tried to remove it.

Here’s the Twins lineup:

Denard Span CF
Orlando Hudson 2B
Joe Mauer C
Justin Morneau 1B
Michael Cuddyer RF
Jason Kubel DH
Delmon Young LF
J.J. Hardy SS
Nick Punto 3B

Nick Blackburn RHP

That’s the A Team.

Reimold is batting leadoff for the Orioles so he can get a third at-bat before leaving the game. That’s the plan.

Koji Uehara will pitch one inning again tonight before the Orioles stretch him out.

If you have any plans to attend Sunday’s B-squad game at 10 a.m., it’s being played in Pirate City, not inside McKechnie Field. Wouldn’t want you to get lost.

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