Did you see it coming?

How many fans predicted back in the early days of spring training that Rhyne Hughes would double in the second inning of an April 25 game at Fenway Park, Craig Tatum would follow with a run-scoring double off the Green Monster, and Cesar Izturis would single while batting from the right side against a right-handed pitcher?

Go to the window and collect your money.

Izturis must find it easier to hit a knuckleball when going against the percentages. I’m in no position to argue.

Hughes is now 3-for-6 in the majors.

Garrett Atkins is now wondering when he’ll return to the lineup.

Hughes will only be used in the outfield in an emergency, so that leaves first base and designated hitter. Atkins, signed to play first base, is batting .224 with no home runs and a .293 slugging percentage.

The Orioles aren’t giving up on Atkins, but they’ll go with the hot hand. Anyone who can get on base, drive in runs, show a pulse at the plate.

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