More pre-game notes

I just saw a report that the band A-ha is breaking up after 30 years.

Here’s a bigger story for me: The band A-ha was still together after 30 years.

Jeremy Guthrie was distraught after last night’s game, apologizing to practically everyone for his poor performance.

Trembley recalled looking out a window of the warehouse during a recent rainstorm and seeing Guthrie running on the warning track.

“He’s as tireless a worker as anybody,” Trembley said. “The guy just prepares himself, he works, he cares. He’s coming off a season that wasn’t up to his standards. He’s pitched very well and I think he wanted to really get one under his belt last night against the Yankees, against a great team, and it didn’t happen for him and he was disappointed. He felt responsible for it. I told him today he shouldn’t feel that way.

“He’s a guy with a lot of pride. He works real hard. I think he expects himself to be perfect all the time. When he’s not, he takes responsibility for that and it bothers him because he expects a lot out of himself. And anything less than that, it hurts.”

Trembley wouldn’t have used Alfredo Simon last night, but he expects to pitch the right-hander in back-to-back games later in the season if Simon remains with the club and is further removed from ligament-reconstructive surgery.

“Last night would have been too much to ask of him to do that. I think you would have been asking for problems,” Trembley said. “I don’t think it would have been the right thing to do.”

Trembley also was cautious with Danys Baez after the veteran reliever underwent the same surgery, but Simon won’t need to be handled quite as delicately.

“I don’t think it’ll be like it was with Danys,” Trembley said. “But once again, if he goes out and has a six-out inning instead of three and throws 37 pitches instead of 20 and it’s cold the next day...I think each game you’ve got to take it one game at a time.”

Phil Britton started behind the plate today at Double-A Bowie and caught Koji Uehara and Zach Britton. That’s a memorable day.

“We had Uehara, who throws straight and is pretty pinpoint. Wherever I threw the glove up there, he was right there,” he said. “That’s different when you’re seeing 85-88 [mph] fastballs, a little cutter and a splitter from Koji, and then you get Zach, who is coming in throwing left-handed and hard. So that was an adjustment for me. But I’ve never caught [Zach] before - I don’t think even in a bullpen.”

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