Making room for two pitchers

The Orioles aren’t committed to removing two pitchers from the 25-man roster when Saturday’s starter, expected to be Brad Bergesen, and reliever Koji Uehara rejoin the club.

They could slice off a position player, but that presents a separate issue. Who would go?

Julio Lugo is the backup middle infielder. Sending down Lou Montanez would mean more starts in left for Nolan Reimold and Luke Scott and leave the Orioles short an outfielder - and a more mobile one in Montanez. They don’t want Rhyne Hughes leaving first base unless he’s serving as the designated hitter.

A decision hasn’t been made concerning the roster, though manager Dave Trembley is narrowing down the choices.

“I don’t know yet. I think we have to see how Koji pitches tomorrow (at Bowie) and then see what the timeframe is for him to come back here,” Trembley said.

“When it gets to the point on Saturday where we have to make a move and name a starting pitcher, we’ll do that and then make the corresponding move. I would not speculate right now because it might change. If I were to say it’s two pitchers for two pitchers and then something happens between now and then and you change your mind, that’s not the proper course to take. The possibilities it could be either/or.

“I’m not at liberty to honestly tell you what it is right now. I spoke to Andy (MacPhail)on the phone early this afternoon. I know what the possibilities are. We’ll have to wait until we get there to see how it unfolds.”

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