Matusz on Matusz

Brian Matusz was satisfied that he got in his work today. He’ll also take the four scoreless innings.

“Fifty to 60 pitches was what we were looking at,” he said. “It was nice to work with Matt [Wieters] to get on the same page. I didn’t shake Matt one time. When I faced Luis Castillo the second time, we went four fastballs down and away, and he ended up coming back to me. I was unsure why we were going four pitches down and away in a row and then I talked to Matt afterwards. I didn’t shake, I didn’t doubt it. I just continued to do it. After I talked to Matt, it was the right thing to do. Just to trust Matt was good for me.

“It took me a little while to get in a groove today. I was getting behind guys. It wasn’t like me. I just had to get in my groove and finally in the third and fourth innings, I was able to do that. I got in the groove and got things going. I threw some curveballs over for first-pitch strikes. I threw some good changeups and I was able to move the fastball in and out. It was a good start to get going for the season.”

Is Matusz pleased with his final body of work this spring?

“It was good,” he replied. “Not even looking at numbers, but just how I progressed, and I was able to get all four pitches going. It was great for me in keeping the walks down. It was huge. I only walked three guys the entire spring. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to come out and throw strikes, get ahead of guys and get my work in. I feel like I progressed well and I’m ready to get started for the year.”

Let the real games begin.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “I’m excited for Tuesday to see what this team can do, to get things going, to get the group together. I feel like everybody has progressed really well this spring and we’re ready to go and start winning some games.”

Felix Pie is playing left field in the top of the seventh. Cla Meredith is pitching.

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