Simon’s availability tonight

Alfredo Simon says his arm feels good and he’s available to pitch tonight.

Now the ball is in manager Dave Trembley’s court, so to speak.

“We’ll have to see how the game plays out tonight,” Trembley said. “I’d like to see him play catch, see how he feels. I think we have to be cautious with him, using him a lot early because he has not been a reliever. He’s been a starter and just recently has been pitching out of the bullpen. He pitched on Sunday, had a day off and pitched yesterday. I would say until he starts getting accustomed to the warm up procedure and pitching back-to-back days, you have to be cautious. Plus the guy is coming off major surgery. Plus last night was not a clean three-out inning. There were a lot of pitches that had to be thrown, other than just three outs. But I’ll check with him and see how he is.

“The best-case scenario for us would be to have a big enough lead tonight where I wouldn’t have to have a save situation.”

According to Elias, the Orioles are the third team since the save became an official statistic in 1969 to have their first four wins of the year saved by a different pitcher. There has never been a team that had its first five wins saved by five different pitchers.

The Orioles have saves from Mike Gonzalez, Jim Johnson, Cla Meredith and Simon. The other two clubs were the 2000 Colorado Rockies (Jose Jimenez, Dave Lee, Stan Belinda and Julian Tavarez) and the 1991 San Diego Padres (Larry Andersen, Craig Lefferts, Wes Gardner and Mike Maddux).

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