Strange day indeed

Could someone please explain this bizarre ritual to me?

The Orioles are lining up and slapping hands on the field. Players are smiling.

I’m so confused.

Hold on...I’m told that’s what happens when a team is victorious. I’m waiting for confirmation.

Dave Trembley recaps the O’s 7-6 win over the Red Sox with Mark Viviano

The Orioles have won three games this season. One more and they eliminate the Montreal Canadians.

Jim Johnson didn’t have to worry about getting the save today. It looked like he would just keep pitching until he got the win. Then it looked like he would keep going until he got the loss.

Of course he made us squirm and sweat. What fun would it be without the agida?

Cla Meredith stranded two runners for his first save. And I mean the first of his major league career.

Naturally, the final out came on a line drive to second baseman Ty Wigginton. One last panic moment before tomorrow’s off-day.

I was waiting for Wigginton to spike the ball.

You can argue that Johnson was pushed too far, that he doesn’t have that many pitches and innings in his tank. Or you can just be thankful that it’s over.

Matt Wieters contributed a clutch two-run single in the top of the 10th, giving Johnson a little room for error - or a bad pitch.

Has anyone noticed that Wieters is batting .324?

Has anyone noticed what a huge difference Miguel Tejada makes in this lineup?

I don’t care where he’s hitting. His bat is needed.

How many parents are ready to name their sons Rhyne? And I mean the sons who already celebrated their first birthdays.

Shameless daughter update: She’s feeling much better. Thanks for the well-wishes. Two bowls of Progresso chicken noodle soup and a Fruit Rollup must have worked their magic.

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