Time for another quiz

The first off-day of the 2010 season has arrived. No baseball after 16 straight games.

The Orioles can chill out in Boston, drown their sorrows in chowder, retell stories of Brian Matusz’s two victories, resist the urge to take a header off the Green Monster.

Or they can gather with manager Dave Trembley and brush up on their baseball skills by taking the following quiz:

A runner is in scoring position with two outs and you’re the next batter. You should:
A: Get a hit to drive in the run.
B: Ask him how he got there and offer to trade places.
C: Friend him on Facebook.
D: None of the above.

A batter singles and you scoop up the ball in the outfield. Knowing you have no shot at throwing out the runner going from first to third, you should:
A: Hit the cutoff man to keep the runners from advancing an extra base.
B: Run the ball back to the infield and into the visiting dugout.
C: Skip the running part and just chuck the ball into the visiting dugout.
D: None of the above.

The leadoff hitter doubles with your team trailing by a run in the late innings. As the next batter, you should:
A: Lay down a bunt to advance the runner so a fly ball can tie the game.
B: Tell your manager that you’re too good to bunt, then strike out on three pitches.
C: Make good on your promise to a sick kid in the hospital that you’ll pop up to short.
D: None of the above.

Your bat shatters on a weak ground ball. You should:
A: Drop the handle and run as hard as you can to first base.
B: Search for the barrel end and try to glue it back together.
C: Collect pledges from teammates and walk to first base to raise money for your favorite charity.
D: None of the above.

You’re the closer and you enter the game in the ninth inning with your team ahead by a run. You should:
A: Get three outs and record the save.
B: Get two outs and blow the save.
C: Present a list of reasons why you should be working the seventh inning.
D: None of the above.

You’re batting cleanup for the first time. You should:
A: Take it as a sign that you’re expected to drive in runs.
B: Take it as a sign that the manager thinks your favorite number is 4.
C: Keep looking for the take sign.
D: None of the above.

You’re standing on first base and the next batter singles into left-center field. You should:
A: Race to second and take third if you can get there ahead of the throw. The play’s in front of you.
B: Start toward second, stop, turn back to first, stop again and run to second. Airplane noises optional.
C: Wait for the batter at first base and reach back as if he’s handing you a baton.
D: None of the above.

You’re pitching and you want to keep the runner on first from getting a good jump. You should:
A: Use the slide step that you practiced in spring training.
B: Use the hidden ball trick - and try hiding it in his small intestine.
C: Sneeze on second base and hope he’s a germaphobe.
D: None of the above.

You lose a pop up in the sun. You should:
A: Immediately yell to the nearest infielder that you can’t find the ball.
B: Close your eyes and go to your happy place.
C: Excitedly cross “get hit in head with pop up” off your Bucket List.
D: None of the above.

Your team has lost 14 of its first 16 games. You should:
A: Examine everything you’ve done wrong, vow to try harder and execute better, and treat April 23 like it’s Opening Day on a new season.
B: Hug Robin Williams while he keeps telling you that it’s not your fault.
C: Have the clubhouse manager stitch “PTBNL” on the back of your jersey. Wait by your locker with suitcase packed.
D: None of the above.

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