Trembley safe - for now

I know there has been rampant speculation about manager Dave Trembley’s job status and the possibility that he could be fired today, but it’s not going to happen.


Trembley will remain in charge throughout the upcoming series in Boston and after the Orioles return home.

Team officials remain committed to giving Trembley every opportunity to straighten out this mess.

Concerns have grown over a stagnant offense, but Trembley won’t take the fall this early in the season.

That doesn’t mean he’s in the clear for the rest of 2010. As one member of the organization said earlier today, the Orioles can’t keep losing.

But nothing will happen short-term, which means Trembley will still be in the dugout tomorrow night for the series opener at Fenway Park.

The front office will focus its energy on trying to support Trembley and finding a solution player personnel-wise to what’s occurred over the first 16 games.

That’s as specific as I can get at this time. Trembley will remain the manager for the rest of the road trip, and apparently after the Orioles resume playing at Camden Yards next week.

For how long remains to be seen, but changes aren’t coming in the immediate future.

Nothing to see here today.

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