Trembley talks about first month (updated twice)

During his pre-game session with the media, manager Dave Trembley was asked how he’s dealt with the club’s terrible start.

He didn’t mince words.

“If anybody tells you they deal with it like sweet tea, they’re lying,” he said. “It’s been difficult, but there’s certainly been an awful lot of games we could’ve won that we didn’t. We didn’t get outs when we needed to, we didn’t hit when we could have and should have. But it’s done and over with. That’s how you deal with it, and you deal with it with a lot of hope, with a lot of anticipation and knowing that there’s a tremendous amount of baseball left to be played.

“I think you still have to have a tremendous amount of trust not only in yourself, but in your players. You have to look at the big picture. Disappointments are sometimes there for a reason: How you deal with it, how you handle it. I’m at the point now where I think maybe we got all the bad out of the way. We got it all out of the way early.

“I’m sure there’s a whole lot of other teams in baseball that would have similar struggles if they lost their leadoff man, if they lost their closer. Difficult to replace. I don’t know how the Yankees would do if, God forbid, they lost [Derek] Jeter and [Mariano] Rivera. Boston’s finding it not real pleasant losing [Jacoby] Ellsbury and [Mike] Cameron. I lost one of the best leadoff hitters in the game in [Brian] Roberts and lost a guy who was supposed to come in here and close out games and got hurt, and I lost a couple other guys. You can’t feel sorry for yourself.

“It’s been very, very, very difficult and I know that the expectations here have been built up and people have been hurt. People are hurt. Players have been hurt, too. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been hurt because I haven’t lived up to winning games for everybody. But we intend to do it. We intend to get everybody to give everything they have all the time and play our butts off. That’s all you can do. That’s all you can do.”

That’s not all I’m doing with this blog entry. I also want to mention that Triple-A Norfolk pitcher Brandon Erbe allowed two runs and four hits in the first inning tonight. He also walked two batters and threw 31 pitches, and his ERA’s up to 8.62.

Update: Erbe has allowed three runs and six hits in three innings against Gwinnett. Josh Bell is 1-for-2 with a double and a run scored. He’s 5-for-10 with two homers, three RBIs and five runs scored in his last three games to raise his average to .260.

At Camden Yards, the Orioles and Yankees are tied, 1-1, in the bottom of the third inning. Cesar Izturis walked with the bases loaded to force in a run in the second before Adam Jones grounded into a double play.

Update II: Jorge Posada just led off the top of the fourth with a home run over the out-of-town scoreboard in right. A fan retrieved the ball on the flag court, got a running start and fired it onto the infield.

Sign him.

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