Trembley’s message to the fans (with video)

The Orioles are 4-18 and own one victory at Camden Yards. They haven’t posted a winning season since 1997.

So why should fans pay to enter these gates?

Dave Trembley talks with the media about turning things around

“This is your team. This is the Baltimore Orioles,” manager Dave Trembley said.

“If you love your team, you love them through good times and bad times and you stick with them, because sooner or later this team will turn it around and you want to be here when that happens. And you understand in life that nothing comes easy and you will go through it and you will struggle, and how you handle it will say a lot about how you’re going to handle it when it turns around.

“This is what we have, this is our ballclub, this is our city, this is the Baltimore Orioles. We’re very proud. It will eventually turn around. There’s a lot of baseball to play. A lot of baseball. One game at a time.”

I’d just appreciate a clearer definition of “eventually.”

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