Encouraging signs in the first (updated)

Toronto leadoff hitter Fred Lewis jumped on Chris Tillman’s first pitch, an 88 mph fastball, and doubled to center field.

Lewis was sitting on the fastball and Tillman gave him one. And it only registered 88.

That was a bad sign, but it also was the last one.

Tillman struck out the side, freezing Aaron Hill with a 94 mph fastball and Adam Lind with a 93 mph fastball, and getting Vernon Wells to swing through another heater that ended a 10-pitch battle.

Tillman needs to throw his curveball for strikes, one reason the Orioles sent him down. He did it with a 2-1 count on Hill - a fastball count - then pumped two 94 mph fastballs to finish off the Blue Jays’ second baseman.

Tillman shook off catcher Craig Tatum twice, the second time with Wells at the plate. Tillman didn’t want to stray from his heater with first base open and Wells kept fouling them off after getting ahead, 3-0.

The Jays worked Tillman for 23 pitches. He needed a breather in the dugout.

Of course, Miguel Tejada swung at the first pitch in the top of the second.

Update: Of course, I file this entry and Lyle Overbay homers with two outs in the bottom of the second, lining a 92 mph fastball over the center field fence.

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