Look for Luke at The Zone (updated)

Luke Scott is still scheduled to appear at today’s Orioles Cook-Off at ESPN Zone. He didn’t cancel after being scratched from last night’s lineup with a sore left shoulder.

Scott couldn’t swing a bat yesterday without experiencing discomfort in the shoulder, but he can wield a spoon.

Scott told reporters last night that he might undergo an MRI today. I don’t know if his appearance downtown means that his condition improved dramatically and he might be able to play, or if he didn’t want to disappoint anyone by skipping the competition, which also includes pitchers Kevin Millwood and Brad Bergesen.

Either way, I’m sure Scott will receive treatment at the ballpark.

He’s preparing his version of surf and turf. Since he loves to hunt and fish, I’m curious how he interprets the dish.

We know that Scott is streaky at the plate. I’m just not sure if it’s confined to home plate.

Update: Scott says his shoulder feels much better and he didn’t have to undergo an MRI today. He’s able to reach behind his back with his left arm, which he couldn’t do last night.

Scott will take batting practice before determining whether or not he can play.

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