New slogan: Just Do Something

I’m half-asleep or the Orioles have completely fried my brain. Not sure where to place the blame, but I’m trying to cut through the haze and get my day started.

Dave Trembley is still the manager this morning. I won’t provide hourly updates, but he remains in charge as I pour a bowl of cereal. The Orioles haven’t arranged a conference call with reporters or sent out any releases. I haven’t been told that the end is coming today.

That’s subject to change, of course.

No matter how you feel about Trembley - and you haven’t held back - this is a terrible way to live and he shouldn’t have to deal with it every second of every day. The Orioles need to fire him or commit to him for the rest of the season and start over in October, figuring that 2010 is a lost cause. Just end the speculation. They’ll be doing him a favor either way.

Would an interim manager make a difference? It’s just someone else being stuck with an offense that’s produced three runs in the last three games and one extra-base hit since Garrett Atkins homered in the third inning of Wednesday’s loss. A bullpen that’s in a constant state of flux and can’t get a lead to its closer. A team that can’t keep it’s closer off the disabled list, not that it has a great need for one.

Maybe a different voice is needed. If I’m that voice, I’m yelling, “How the heck am I supposed to win here?”

Just do something besides shuttling Alberto Castillo back and forth and leaving us to debate Scott Moore vs. Michael Aubrey as the next call-up.

The Orioles have lost 12 of 15 and are 21 games below .500. It stopped being embarrassing a while ago.

What’s five levels below embarrassing?

I suggested that Will Ohman should replace Alfredo Simon as closer because he was the most effective reliever on the team and had a little experience in the role. Unfortunately, the Orioles are left without a key eighth-inning matchup guy. Fill one void, create another one.

Ohman gave up his first runs yesterday after 25 scoreless appearances. When reporters asked about the streak, he replied, “I wasn’t going Roger Maris and having hair fall out or anything.”

Just another reason why he’s one of my favorites.

As reporters approached his locker, Ohman asked, “Which of you will ask the first silly question.”

He’s lucky I wasn’t there.

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