Pitchers repeating history (updated)

Is it really going to take five pitchers to wrap up a 2-0 victory?

If the Orioles hold on, it will be the first time they’ve allowed one run or fewer in back-to-back games since Aug. 8-9, 2008. They defeated the Texas Rangers 9-1 and 9-0.

Alfredo Simon will need to get the last three outs and record the save to make it happen.

Unfortunately for the Orioles, they’ll turn over the Indians lineup after Cleveland sent five batters to the plate in the eighth. Simon will face the ninth, first and second hitters in the order.

Update: Simon couldn’t get the save. He couldn’t get out of the inning. He allowed four runs, the last three on Austin Kearn’s 415-foot blast to left field, and retired only one hitter.

Simon got ahead of Kearns, 0-2, with his 97 mph fastball, and got beat with his splitter.

Cla Meredith is the sixth pitcher used by the Orioles. That baton got passed too many times.

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