Playing for a Ty

Orioles manager Dave Trembley wrote Ty Wigginton’s name in the lineup - and we’re talking marker, not pencil - before the club’s second baseman arrived at Camden Yards.

Wigginton insisted last night that he’d be fine. Forget that his hand and wrist were wrapped to prevent more swelling after Seattle shortstop Josh Wilson nailed him with a throw in the second inning. Not a problem.

Sure enough, Wigginton showed up this morning without the wrap, and with every intention of starting against the Mariners’ Felix Hernandez.

I saw Wigginton’s wrist, and there’s definite swelling. He mentioned some tightness, but nothing that will affect his swing or throws.


Bench coach Jeff Datz approached Wigginton’s locker to check on him. So did Nick Markakis, who wasn’t buying any stories that Wigginton felt fine.

“There’s definitely a little swelling in there,” Wigginton said. “When he first hit me, I was definitely scared. It hurt a lot, more than, say, getting hit with a pitch. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the fact that, when you get hit with a pitch, you realize at the last minute that you’re going to get drilled and you brace for it.”

There’s also the fact that Wigginton wasn’t standing 60 feet, 6 inches away from Wilson.

“The replay makes it look like it was a foot or two,” Wigginton said.

“You throw your hands up to try to alter a throw. I’ve never really been hit like that. You know there’s a chance, but you’re never really expecting that.”

If you weren’t expecting Wigginton to play today, you don’t know him.

“I’m glad it didn’t hit me in the bone,” he said.

That might have changed his plans.


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