O’s 12 - Boston 9: Post-game Trembley

Opening statement:
“I was talking to Bergesen before I came in and he said that was the ugliest win he’s ever got, but it felt the best that he’s ever felt, so he’ll take it. Putting a zero up in the fifth was the key for him. Obviously, a lot of fight in our team tonight. Offensively, got some big hits and a comeback win.”

Dave Trembley talks with the media after the O’s 12-9 win over the Red Sox

On crucial play by Miguel Tejada to end the fifth:
“The play of the game that turned it around back in our favor was the play Tejada made. Gave us a big lift. Saved a run. Ended the inning. Put a zero up on the board when they were really trying to add on. Got our guys in to hit, and the momentum of the game changed on that one play that Tejada made.”

On the bats waking up:
“Well, they did tonight. Nick told me around the batting cage today, he said, ‘I’m glad it’s finally warmed up.’”

More on Markakis:
“Nick Markakis is a pure hitter. He can hit. Always has been. Nick’s a guy that I don’t really concern myself with. Nick will be there at the end of the year with the numbers that he usually puts up, and he’ll probably put up better numbers this year.”

On the fifth inning uprising:
“We just got some pitches to hit and didn’t miss them. Early in the game, (Daisuke Matsuzaka) really changed speeds very well, really changed speeds off his fastball. His fastball really fluctuated from high 80s to low 90s, and his breaking stuff was good. Then in that one inning, we just got to him. Didn’t locate and got some balls up, and that one inning we went up there a lot more aggressive We didn’t take. We went up there to hit.”

On Alfredo Simon:
“He didn’t overthrow like he did last night. Last night, he was flying off that mound. Tonight, he stayed back over the rubber. His split was a lot better, a lot better. Didn’t try to throw it as hard.”

On Ty Wigginton:
“You ask Ty and he’ll tell you if he gets his at-bats, he’ll put his numbers up. He’s getting his at-bats.”

On the first series win:
“We got April behind us, which wasn’t the most pleasant of circumstances, but you’ve got to put it behind you and you have to keep fighting. You have to keep fighting and play every game to the best of your ability and come out and do the very best you can. And you have to trust and have confidence in yourself and in your team. It’s that simple. And know that sooner or later things are going to get better. But you have to make it get better. And everybody’s got to pull for one another and get contributions from everybody.”

On Bergesen:
“I’ve seen him better.”

On the homers that Bergesen gave up:
“I haven’t seen them on tape. I saw them from a pretty good vantage point in the dugout. It didn’t seem like he let them go. He didn’t get good finish on them. But the big thing for him is he put a zero up in the fifth. And that was enough. He had enough.”

On Bergesen seeming more relaxed:
“He wasn’t walking around the mound, wasn’t looking in the dugout. He wasn’t really rushing in between pitches. He had a better tempo. He still gets underneath. Especially against left-handed hitters, he gets underneath it a little bit. He’ll be better.”

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