Pre-game Trembley & Mariners lineup

Manager Dave Trembley was in a solemn mood as he met with reporters before the game.

Trembley is still waiting for Corey Patterson to arrive at the ballpark. Nolan Reimold already had left the clubhouse.

“We’ll try to get him some success in Triple-A, and hopefully his stay in Triple-A isn’t very long,” Trembley said.

“We held on as long as we possibly could with him. This was a discussion that had been going on for a while. I was hoping that he was going to hit himself through it, but we got to a point where he wasn’t getting much success here and he needs to go to Triple-A and get some success. Take him out of the pressure situation that’s here, much like we did with (Brad) Bergesen. He’s very important to us and we don’t expect his stay to be long, but that’s up to him and that’s how it was explained to him.”

You knew this move was coming when Trembley noted last night that Reimold was lacking confidence.

“For me, it started to turn that we had to do what’s best for Reimold because he wasn’t having any success here,” Trembley said. “He worked hard. It’s not that he did anything wrong other than the fact that he wasn’t having success, but I don’t think you’re going to allow a guy like that who is so important to us to continue to fail at the rate that he was failing. It must have been very difficult for him and it was difficult for us because he is a much better player than how he played.”

Asked how Reimold took the news, Trembley said, “I don’t know of anybody who would take it in a positive way. We’re all disappointed. He understood why. I wish him well and hopefully he gets back here. I think he’s a real good player, but he was scuffling.”

Here’s the Mariners lineup:
Ichiro RF
Figgins 2B
Kotchman 1B
Lopez DH
Tuiasosopo 3B
Langerhans CF
Wilson SS
Moore C
Saunders LF

Rowland-Smith LHP

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