The two plays

Adam Jones talked about the ball that Roger Bernadina hit with the bases-loaded that turned into a triple and gave Washington a 3-1 lead in the first inning.

“Missed the ball. Just missed the ball,” he said.

“I mean, there’s no elaboration. Just didn’t come up with it. You either catch it or you don’t. I didn’t. You’re supposed to make that play. Just like Nyjer (Morgan) was supposed to catch that ball yesterday, I was supposed to catch this one today. It happens.

“(Kevin) Millwood battled his ass off, man. I’m not going to beat myself up over it.”

I talked to a former center fielder today who doesn’t think Jones plays too shallow. If Jones did, the ex-player reasoned, he wouldn’t get to those balls. The problem is he didn’t hold onto it. It hit his glove.

Jones also addressed manager Dave Trembley’s uncertain job status.

“That’s 100 percent out of our hands,” he said. “We want him here, No. 1. Of course we want him here. So far, he’s done a good job here in our eyes. He’s honest. He can’t control the win-loss records. He can’t go out there and play the game for us. All he can do is write the best lineup in his eyes, in his opinion. That’s all he can really do. The stuff on the field is our responsibility. It’s just the manager always has to take the heat for it.”

Now onto Corey Patterson, who should have tagged up on Nick Markakis’ fly ball to center field in the sixth.

“I thought it was going to go over (Morgan’s) head,” he said. “I saw Morgan’s numbers. I figured, OK, the ball’s going off the wall. If it does, you’ve got to score. It was a bad play on my part. I’ve got to probably play it safe and go on and tag there.

“By the time he caught it, I was maybe five feet off the base. It was too late.”

Patterson said Trembley didn’t confront him in the dugout.

“I knew. Everybody knew. But it was unfortunate,” he said.

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