Trembley talks about Atkins

Brian Roberts will report to the minor league camp in Sarasota on Wednesday to continue his baseball-related activities.

That’s it for the injury updates. Manager Dave Trembley didn’t have any information on reliever Mike Gonzalez, who threw live batting practice today.

The Orioles will bring up a position player by the time they visit Washington this weekend for their first interleague series.

“I would think when we play a National League club, we would want another position player for double-switch, to pinch-hit,” Trembley said.

Garrett Atkins was surrounded by reporters when I walked into the clubhouse today, and Trembley was reminded of his statement yesterday that he would “sleep on it.”

“Who said I got a night’s sleep?” Trembley asked. “Take a look at these eyes.”

“Let me tell you something, this guy as been as conscientious as anybody. Early hitting, extra hitting, early in the cage with Crow, studying the video, so it has not been from lack of work or preparation,” Trembley said.

“I wish he would have hit that ball another two feet higher (Saturday) and got the first one out of the way, and maybe it would have got him going. I’m sure it’s on his mind. I know he was looking forward to a fresh start, coming to a new team, being in a new league. I know he says, ‘I’ve hit before, I’ll hit again.’ It hasn’t been a mechanical thing. It just has not happened up to the standards that we’ve all expected and I think what Garrett expects. Just got to keep plugging away.

“He’s what we have right now, so I think you keep running him out there until we go in another direction. And right now, there is no other direction for me unless you put Luke (Scott) over there and you DH (Lou) Montanez or you put (Ty) Wigginton over there and you play (Julio) Lugo at second. There’s limited options. We went out and got this guy in the off-season. Obviously, we’re playing a player short, which we probably won’t when we play the Nationals this weekend. Until then, I’m more than likely going to keep running him out there and see if he can get out of it.”

Asked how much of a concern Atkins has become, Trembley replied, “He’s not the only one that I’m concerned about. I’m expecting he’ll get better. I don’t know what more I can say. Panic? I’m not panicking. But concerned? Yeah. Expect more? Yes, I expect more. I’m sure he does, as well.”

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