Bad uniforms, good result

I sat at the bar at Clyde’s in Columbia and felt myself being transported to my childhood. And not because I drank John Dalys from a sippy cup.

Those orange jerseys and pants looked familiar. They were bad back in the day and they’re bad now, but if the Orioles can get four 20-game winners to pose in them, I’ll take back everything I just wrote.

I still love the old cartoon bird on the black cap and helmet. No white panel. That works for me. But the orange pants? Brutal.

I received a few texts that included the word “hideous,” and they weren’t critiquing my latest commercial.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 10 quality starts in 11 games under Buck Showalter. Simply amazing.

Jeremy Guthrie lasted only six innings with his pitch count at 102, but he held the Rays scoreless on two hits - including a ball that Felix Pie lost in the ceiling for a triple.

Pie also lost his footing, but he ran down a liner in left-center field to end the inning and his embarrassment.

Guthrie has posted a 1.51 ERA in his last six starts. He’s the second-half ace of this staff.

Luke Scott hit his 22nd home run, one pitch after appearing to injure his right hand. He kept flexing and massaging it while grimacing, but the pain must have been fleeting because that ball was crushed.

Is there a happier guy after homering than Scott? He’s positively giddy.

The Orioles swept the Angels, and skeptical fans said, “Wait until they play the White Sox.” They won that series, too, and skeptical fans said, “Wait until they go on the road.” They took two of three in Cleveland, and skeptical fans said, “What until they play a team in the division.”

Wait until they stop wearing orange pants.

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