Bell tolls again (w/extra fact)

I can’t keep up (that’s what I said).

Josh Bell just clubbed a three-run homer to center field, his second today and the second of his major league career. He’s up to five RBIs.

The Orioles have hit three home runs in the fourth inning, and four this afternoon.

Cliff Lee gave up three home runs to the Orioles during his July 10 debut with the Texas Rangers in Arlington.

In his next seven starts, he served up a grand total of one.

The Orioles have hit four today at Camden Yards.

You figure it out.

Bell’s ball traveled an estimated 398 feet. That’s 1,262 feet worth of home runs in the fourth.

Does this mean that Bell can hit from the right side? I’m confused.

I take back what I said about Wigginton’s measurement being a bit extreme. The ball almost wiped out a police officer standing in the back of the Orioles’ bullpen, well beyond the 410-foot sign.

Today marked the fifth time that the Orioles have gone back-to-back this season.

Obvious stat of the day: Bell has the first multi-homer game of his career.

Extra fact: Bell is the first Orioles rookie to produce a two-homer game since Michael Aubrey on Oct. 2, 2009. Nick Markakis is the last Orioles rookie to homer three times in the same game, on Aug. 22, 2006.

Tomorrow is Aug. 22.

I’m just saying...

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