Jones talks about his bunt

Adam Jones got the idea to bunt just before he squared up.

No regrets.

“I can bunt. I’ve been bunting this year. Good idea to do it,” he said.

“I looked at him (Jose Lopez) and I saw where he was playing me all night, all my at-bats, and when I was on third I was talking to him and said, ‘I’m not going to bunt on you. I’m not going to bunt this series.’ Hey, he moved back.

“It was hot. I wish it ended in nine. As long as we came out victorious, it was worth it.”

The O’s Xtra crew asks Adam Jones about his walk-off bunt following the O’s 5-4 win

Jones didn’t think the bunt idea would turn into a bad one if he failed to execute it properly. He was going to stand by that call no matter the result.

Smart play by me,” he said. “Now the Mariners are going to play me a little in at third base, which opens up a lot more.”

That’s a man with a plan.

Jones is batting .397 in 16 games since July 31, including nine multi-hit games.

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