More pre-game Showalter

On the challenges associated with losing David Hernandez and Jason Berken in the bullpen:
“It’s probably not something that’s foreign here. This year’s been a challenge physically, and I look at it as an opportunity to see some other people and see them rise to the occasion. (Armando) Gabino, we’ve heard so much about his slider and we’ve gotten to see that through necessity some. We’ve got other people. As the old scouts say, ‘Never overlook an orchid while searching for a rose.’ I look at it as an opportunity to get educated more on where we are with some other people.”

On not seeing his former bench coach, Don Wakamatsu, in Seattle’s dugout:
“I think Don understands managing and coaching. It’s not always a reflection on him. Of course, I saw Don when they were in Texas and he understood the job description. I think we all do. We understand how shelf-life works and try not to take it personally. Sometimes that’s the only thing some people can do. I certainly have some personal thoughts on it, but in a lot of cases, it’s a badge of honor. Where a guy like Don’s concerned, I know my dealings with him when we hired him in Arizona and brought him to Texas. It’s just a stepping stone. It was very obvious early on what a good baseball man he is and will be, and still is.”

On whether he’s considered shutting down some of the young pitchers:
“I was talking about that -- Andy (MacPhail) and I and Rick (Kranitz), and I brought Alan (Dunn) in to discuss it, too.
It’s something we talked about before today and we talked about it on the plane. We’ve got a running chart on that - what’s their career high, when did it happen, last year how many, what increment jump do we feel comfortable with, and not become a prisoner to it. Some guy could have another 70 innings before he enters that area that you’re concerned with, but it may be different with that guy. You may not like what’s coming out of his hand - how many pitches, how stressful are those outings? If you just say a blanket innings and shut him down, I think that’s a mistake. You take each case.

“It’s something we’ve got a running chart on. In fact, I just looked at it not 10 minutes ago and we get it updated every day and see where we are on it, and also people that we’re considering bringing up in September so that we don’t bring them up here and jeopardize something in the future.”

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