Roberts leaves game (updated twice)

Julio Lugo has replaced Brian Roberts at second base.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Roberts has a left shin contusion, according to a club spokesman. I thought the ball hit Roberts on the side of the foot, but I’m not a doctor.

Matt Albers will try to hold a 9-1 lead.

Update: David Hernandez will try to hold a 9-4 lead. Albers recorded only one out and allowed two singles and two doubles.

Left fielder Felix Pie didn’t touch the ball while Brian Matusz was in the game, despite the Angels’ lineup including only one left-handed hitter.

Another run scored before I could file this entry. Bobby Abreu doubled off Hernandez, completing Albers’ line, and Torii Hunter followed with a single.

Still only one out. It’s getting real uncomfortable.

Update II: Another run scored with two outs on Hernandez’s ninth wild pitch of the season, and Koji Uehara has replaced him. Hernandez was limping after attempting to cover home plate. He, too, has left the game with an injury. Meanwhile, the lead is down to three runs, and we might see another side of Buck Showalter later tonight.

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