Showalter time

Or maybe it was The Josh Bell Show today.

That’s the term manager Buck Showalter used while meeting with reporters following today’s 8-6 victory over the Rangers.

“Great to see a smile on his face,” Showalter said. “I’ll tell you what, he’s had some good at-bats. When he collides with the ball, good things happen.”

Bell almost hit a third home run, but settled for a single.

“We were all yelling, ‘Get up.’ I knew it was going to be close. We were certainly pulling for him,” Showalter said.

“Little things you see. I was impressed he didn’t get emotional there and go to second. You see a lot of guys let their emotions run over and they’re out at second. Those are little things you notice.”

Showalter planned to use Koji Uehara as his closer if the Orioles took a slim lead into the ninth. Sure enough, Uehara recorded the last three outs.

“A little iffy yesterday. We were in a little bit different situation,” Showalter said. “Each day you take a little different. It’s nice to have some guys with experience at the end, but we felt like the way their lineup was going to set up, it had a chance to happen if we could get there and score some runs. You don’t like the proposition there with Cliff (Lee), I can tell you that.”

So should we read anything into Uehara closing today?

“He’s pitching well,” Showalter said, refusing to bite. “Sometimes that situation may show up differently. It’s kind of...we have some people capable of doing it. They haven’t been as consistent. He’s certainly been consistent. I’m more interested in getting in some save situations than who’s going to do it.”

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