Showalter’s philosophy on posting lineups

Not much to report from manager Buck Showalter’s pre-game session with the media. He gave us thorough injury updates yesterday. We already brought up his reunion with the Rangers in this four-game series.

“So, do you like...stuff?”

We’re still learning about Showalter, and it appears that he’s not the type to post the next day’s lineup early, as in immediately after the previous night’s game. He might approach a player or send a coach to give a heads-up about a pending start, as he did last night with Corey Patterson, but he won’t write out his entire lineup and hang it in the weight room before leaving the ballpark.

“You might have an idea, but something could happen on the field that totally changes,” he said. “You try to give it to the players as far in advance without the possibility of change. I think it’s the unknown with players more than anything. But it’s like the guy who comes in and says, ‘You know, If you played me more, I’d play better.’ And I say, ‘Well, if you played better, I’d play you more.’”

“I feel comfortable putting anybody out there, but in fairness to some of the things going on in divisional races, there’s a lot of variables you have to think about with certain lineups and certain things you’re doing to be fair to the teams that are competing against the team you’re playing that night. There’s a big juggle that goes on. But at the end of the day, the tie-breaker’s always going to be what’s best for the Baltimore Orioles. And if it makes somebody unhappy as a result, I’m OK with that.”

Showalter said the philosophy of posting the lineup the previous night can work if you knew that a player wouldn’t show up the next day with an injury.

“All of a sudden you have to change that and it becomes pretty shallow back there,” he said. “More times than not, things that go on at 10 o’clock at night, 10:30, are subject to a lot of change the next day, and that kind of confuses players sometimes. I have been able to do that before. It’s more personal verbal, instead of putting something up there.”

Here’s the Rangers lineup:
Andrus SS
Young 3B
Hamilton CF
Guerrero DH
Molina C
Murphy LF
Cantu 1B
Boggs RF
Blanco 2B

Lewis RHP

Minor league note: Single-A Frederick first baseman Tyler Townsend has been activated from the disabled list.

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