Sorting through the sixth (w/Showalter quotes)

As it turns out, what transpired in the bottom of the sixth inning isn’t quite what we believed.

I’ll start by saying that the Orioles’ run still counts. They’re not resuming play with the score tied or awarding Chicago the win. But Paul Konerko never stepped on first base after fielding Matt Wieters’ ground ball. He stopped short and threw home, but Luke Scott was ruled safe because catcher A.J. Pierzynski didn’t make contact with the plate - eliminating the force - and didn’t tag the runner.

Wieters was called out for abandoning his effort to reach first base and returning to the dugout.

All of this came to light after the game.

Not much changes. The box score probably remains the same. But the official scorer is trying to sort everything out because he wants to be precise.

So what is manager Buck Showalter learning about his club from these comebacks?

“You don’t do the things they’ve done successfully over their careers, most of them with track records, and not have that drive,” he said. “The want-to’s there. They have a lot of pride. And the type of pitching we’re getting, you want to take advantage of it.”

Showalter also commented on Koji Uehara, who continues his second-half roll.

“I saw him pitch in Japan many moons ago, but he doesn’t remember that. I’m not real sure I do anymore,” he said. “It’s hard to hold him responsible for being hurt. But he’s pitched well since I’ve been here and that’s what I’m dwelling on. He’s been pretty impressive. We were really going to pitch him one inning, but he answered that question. He had, what, a five-pitch inning?”

Showalter wasn’t tempted to bring Uehara back out for the ninth.

“I was leaning on what’s been done here,” Showalter said. “I thought two was a push, but he messed up there and threw too few pitches.”

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