Ty Wigginton didn’t want to elaborate on his altercation, if you want to describe it as such, with the Rangers’ Andres Blanco. No sense inciting the players in the visiting clubhouse. We still have three more games left in this series.

“The guy did a nice piece of hitting, got the ball in the gap and thought he was going to make a triple and we had a nice relay and he was out,” Wigginton said.

How big was the play?

“There’s nobody out and the guy hits the ball in the gap. You’ve got a man on third base with nobody out and a good team like that and the top of their order coming up, there’s a pretty good chance that guy is going to score. It could change the whole game.”

And what about Blanco’s reaction?

“I guess he wasn’t happy with the play and that was it. I just know the ump called him out and there was one out and nobody on.”

What did Wigginton say to Blanco?

“I just said, ‘You’re out.’”

Ty Wigginton talks with the media about his altercation with Andres Blanco

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