Jones: “Everyone knows his reputation”

I found this quote from last night’s game to be especially interesting, since we’re still gauging how players are accepting new manager Buck Showalter.

I’ll let Adam Jones do the talking here:

“I think what’s really going on is everyone knows his reputation as a hard-ass. He’s going to get on you for doing this; he’s going to say something about everything. I think that’s actually worked. Hey, let’s get it done. You might as well. You don’t want him on you. I think that’s the approach a lot of guys are taking. Hey, let him sit in there with that scowl. If it works, it works.

“It’s just that his presence, well, you can just feel the change coming. He’s been on some winning ballclubs; he knows what it takes. Everybody knows his reputation around here. They know it as someone who’s going to get on you, and it’s working for us. He’s looking at all the small things that are going on, the mental mistakes, and we haven’t made too many.”

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