About last night...

Still hurts.

I thought I could sleep it off, as if that ever works, but just the idea of being down a game in this series with CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte taking the ball makes my body ache.

One more strike and we’d be discussing the possibility of a sixth consecutive series win. It could still happen, of course. I’m talking mathematically. But as long as we’re dealing in numbers, Sabathia and Pettitte are a combined 40-8 lifetime against the Orioles.

We’ll see what happens. This team has proven to be resilient. Otherwise, it would have shut down months ago (hold the jokes.)

About those fireworks...as I explained to a few readers last night, one was shot off accidentally after Alex Rodriguez’s first home run. Kevin Millwood referenced it twice in his post-game comments. He wasn’t happy about it. He wasn’t asked about it, but he brought it up. Twice.

It happened quickly, just one short burst, and it was cringe-worthy (hold the jokes.) The company that set off the fireworks after the game apparently messed up. Pure and simple. It certainly wasn’t a directive from the Orioles, and I can’t believe that some people think otherwise. As if they’d want to celebrate an A-Rod home run at Camden Yards to make Yankee fans feel at home.

Has our cynicism really taken us down this path?

The fireworks also went off after Adam Jones’ home run, which is supposed to happen, but not until he reached the dugout steps. That was almost as strange - as if the person responsible was paranoid about screwing up again.

I say almost as strange. Nothing will top the bombs bursting in air for A-Rod.

As for Koji Uehara, I think he’ll be fine, but his body language after the home run was nothing short of disturbing. Matt Wieters rushed to the mound to console him with a pat on the back. He had to reach down for it, since Koji was squatting.

Uehara kept throwing fastballs, apparently because Wieters kept calling for them. Uehara must remember that he has the authority to shake off his catcher. Exercise it if needed.

The 1-2 pitch sure looked like a strike, though this strike zone plot suggests it just missed. It certainly was close enough to be a strike, given plate umpire Ted Barrett’s generosity throughout the night.

Ask Derek Jeter about Barrett’s strike zone. He was called out twice and didn’t seem too happy about it.

Maybe some fireworks would have cheered him up.

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