B-Rob: A hurting hero (updated)

Brian Roberts just gave the Orioles a 2-1 lead with a two-out single in the fifth that scored Cesar Izturis from second base.

I thought we’d have a close play at the plate, but Alex Rodriguez cut off Marcus Thames’ throw from left field and gunned down Roberts at second for the final out.

Roberts is clearly in pain, wincing and staying bent over as a teammate brought his glove. He made a cautious slide into second, as if trying to lessen the impact of slamming into the bag.

The back might have flared up. Or maybe it’s the hip.

It’s not like he’s had a prolonged stretch of good health this year.

Update: Roberts had his foot wrapped after the game, but he told MASN’s Gary Thorne that he wasn’t risking further injury by playing. He fouled a ball off it earlier in the day.

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