Because You Asked - Judgment Day

You ask and I answer. And you ask again.

It’s our little dance here at School of Roch, and it’s the only cardio I get, so I’m not complaining. My responses often get lost in the comments section, so better to post them here.

“Why do the Orioles keep pitching Kevin Millwood when he isn’t part of the future?”
They couldn’t trade him and aren’t willing to cut him loose unceremoniously. They’re more likely to shut down a young starter or two that reaches his pitch limit while working Chris Tillman and Rick VandenHurk into the rotation.


“Will Joel Guzman get a September call-up?”

“Why won’t Joel Guzman get a September call-up?”
The Orioles just don’t view him as a prospect and he doesn’t really have a position. He’s not on the 40-man roster. He’s 26 and raked in Double-A, which is nice and I’m not here to minimize his accomplishments. But he’s 26 and raked in Double-A. He’s played in the majors and in Triple-A. The Orioles kept him at Bowie to provide protection in the lineup for some of their young hitters. Mission accomplished.

“Did Mark Hendrickson really strike out the side in the seventh inning Friday night?”
Yep. Saw it with my own eyes. Evan Longoria, Carlos Pena and Matt Joyce.

“Did he strike out four batters in a row?”
Yep. Also Willy Aybar leading off the eighth.

“Do you think Joel Guzman would have homered off him?”
Stop that.

“Could the Orioles call up someone else from Bowie?”
President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail left open the possibility, and manager Buck Showalter mentioned the Baysox while discussing how the Orioles could add another reliever besides David Hernandez. That’s happening today when Pedro Viola joins them in New York. No relation to Frank. No chance he’ll pitch like Martinez.

“Why Viola?”
I can’t say for sure why a guy who was lit up in Triple-A and didn’t exactly dominate in Double-A is being recalled, but I do recommend that you teach your children to throw left-handed.

“Do you think Joel Guzman could convert to pitcher by next week?”
Next question.

“Does Koji Uehara’s contract include a team option for next season?”
No. It was a straight two-year deal. He’ll be a free agent.

“Do you think the Orioles will try to re-sign him?”
His value keeps going up with every outing, which might work against the Orioles. How much do they want to commit to Koji, given all this past health issues? The Orioles will weigh his success vs. his injury history. Tough call, but he gains appeal in my eyes every time he takes the ball.

“You can find naked photos of Taylor Swift right here.”
Sorry. That’s just a spam comment. Ignore it.

“Why don’t the Orioles move Adam Jones to shortstop, since he played the position when he broke into pro ball?”
He wasn’t...what’s the word I’m looking for?...good. And he’ll be the first to tell you. Well, the second. I just did. He never wants to go back and the Orioles don’t want to experiment with him. Same with Lou Montanez. It just won’t happen.

“What’s the mood like in the clubhouse compared to earlier this season? Do the guys seem to be happier and have more energy?”
I honestly don’t see a huge difference. It’s not like they’re running around the sofas and throwing water balloons. They weren’t morose when they were losing and they aren’t bouncing off the walls now that they’re winning. Some guys are more outgoing than others, but that’s true no matter the record.

“How many coaches do you think Buck Showalter will keep after the season?”
I can’t set an over/under and I’m never comfortable talking about guys losing their jobs before it’s happened, but you have to figure there will be changes. Does that mean a complete overhaul? It’s quite possible. Showalter has complimented his staff for its professionalism. He also grows noticeably uncomfortable when asked about it. Bad topic right now.

“You can find naked photos of former pitcher Bill Swift right here.”
More spam. Sorry.

“Is Brandon Snyder going to get into a game before the season ends? Will he play in the field? Will he need directions to home plate?”
Showalter hasn’t revealed any plans for Snyder, but you could tell from his comments after the Orioles called up their former first-round pick that playing time might be scarce right now. By the way, nobody’s asking about Robert Andino. Where’s the love for him?

“Will you be blogging about football or any other sports?”
The Orioles pretty much keep me busy 24/7. I’m a huge football fan and will chime in about the Ravens once in a while, and also whine about my picks in my weekly pool and how the refs hosed me, but most readers here seem to prefer that I stick to baseball. I guess this school only has one course. Makes it much easier to study for finals.

“Can you think of a way to completely ruin your morning besides popping in your DVD chronicling the first half of the season?”
Yes. I’m heading to the MVA to renew my driver’s license. That should do it.

“Nobody asked that question.”
I’m cheating. Next.

“Where do you think Manny Machado will be assigned next season?”
He hit .345 at Aberdeen, so he can probably leave the NY-Penn league in his rearview mirror. Low Single-A Delmarva or high Single-A Frederick. No decision has been made. He’s currently working out with the Keys and might see some playoff action.

“Is it more fun to cover the team now that Buck’s here?”
Yes, and it’ll be even better when I get a share of that playoff money. What’s the magic number?

“You can find naked photos of Joel Guzman right here.”
That’s just wrong.

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