Girardi complains about Guthrie - again

Joe Girardi doesn’t like Jeremy Guthrie.

It’s not a reach to suggest that the Orioles’ right-hander is Girardi’s least favorite pitcher in baseball, though I’m not privy to his list and we’re not Facebook friends.

Guthrie’s first pitch of tonight’s game nailed Derek Jeter on the left elbow, further irritating Girardi, who hasn’t forgotten the two hit batters in a spring training contest in Tampa - including Mark Teixeira, who exited with a bruised right elbow - and a few other instances that have caused some friction.

In the past, Girardi has suggested that Guthrie stop pitching inside until his command improves. Yeah, that went over real well in the Orioles’ clubhouse.

“Too many, just too many,” Girardi told reporters after tonight’s game. “I just really don’t understand it. And I know he likes to pitch inside, but it’s too many. And that doesn’t include the ones in spring training.”

They won’t be Facebook friends, either.

I wrote about Girardi’s past complaints in a May entry that you can revisit right here.

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