Great Scott

We might still be playing if Luke Scott hadn’t singled to center field off Blue Jays left-hander Brian Tallet in the bottom of the 11th inning to score Nick Markakis with the winning run.

The Blue Jays have roughly 147 relievers in their bullpen since rosters expanded, so they could go all night.

“Get a pitch to hit and stay in the middle of the field in case he throws a breaking ball,” Scott said, describing his at-bat against Tallet. “A breaking ball in that situation around the plate is going to be a good pitch for me to hit. He made his pitch. It was a cutter that actually ran off the plate. It worked out good for me because I hit it off the end of the bat and the ball wasn’t able to stay up. It’s a funny game how it works out, but it’s a good win for us.

“To our credit, facing adversity, we haven’t given up. We’ve been battling hard for everything that we get. Hopefully, that attitude will turn things around for us.”

Jim and Rick asks Luke Scott about his game-winning hit in the O’s 11-inning 4-3 win

Manager Buck Showalter insisted that the Blue Jays’ 12-0 record against the Orioles this season wasn’t a topic of conversation in the clubhouse, but players were aware of it.

“It’s weighed on us,” Scott said. “The Jays are a very good team. That team over there, you put them in another division and they’re going to walk away with it. They have good starting pitching, a pretty good bullpen and they can swing it. They rely on the long ball, but they hit the long ball a lot.”

The game ended a few minutes after the Ravens completed their 10-9 victory over the Jets.

“So everybody’s happy,” Showalter said.

Noting the small crowd at Camden Yards, Showalter said, “Must have been a lot of people in Baltimore go to New York tonight.”

After pausing a few seconds, he added, “That wasn’t funny.”

It actually was, and the room quickly filled with laughter.

We’re still learning Showalter’s sense of humor.

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