Hail Cesar (updated)

Cesar Izturis struck out to end the fourth inning and leave the bases loaded. He also left the game scoreless.

Probably not a big surprise, but how about the way he made up for it in the sixth?

Izturis contributed a two-run triple to a four-run inning that also included doubles by Adam Jones and Felix Pie, and a long sacrifice fly by Ty Wigginton.

Whatever offense that Izturis provides is gravy. He’s here for his glove. That hit was huge and quite unexpected.

Does Buck Showalter get credit for that one, too? He lowered Izturis to ninth, putting him below Josh Bell.

Jeremy Guthrie is shutting out the Tigers on five hits over six innings, with no walks and four strikeouts. He continues to pitch like an ace in the second half.

He’s also looking like a top three finisher in the Most Valuable Oriole voting. Luke Scott remains the favorite to win the award, but Guthrie will get his share of votes despite the sub-.500 record.

Update: And speaking of clutch, nice two-out RBI single by Pie in the top of the ninth after Matt Albers gave up three runs.

I gave you the bullpen numbers from this road trip in an earlier entry. Albers was an aberration.

Albers hadn’t permitted a run in his last nine appearances.

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