Mid-game update (w/update)

The Orioles have a chance to win their fourth straight series.

When’s the last time that happened?

I’m really asking. I don’t feel like looking it up. Wouldn’t even know where to start.

I’m sure that information will become available shortly. It requires going through the day-by-days, working backward, until you find four in a row. Nothing to it.

First, the Orioles need to hang onto this 3-0 lead.

Update: The Orioles haven’t won four straight series since Aug. 3-15, 2004. They swept Seattle and Texas and took two of three from Anaheim and Toronto. The Texas sweep covered four games.

Nick Markakis hit his 10th home run, a 398-foot blast with one out in the bottom of the fifth inning, and Felix Pie contributed his second run-scoring single.

Jake Arrieta will be shut down soon, but he looks pretty strong tonight. He’s blanked the Blue Jays on four hits through five innings, with no walks and five strikeouts. He’s thrown 84 pitches.

Arrieta has issued one walk in his last three starts. It’s a significant development, considering that he began the night with 47 walks and 47 strikeouts.

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