Orioles release 2011 schedule

I’m in a cut-and-paste kind of mood, so here you go:

For the second consecutive year, the Orioles will begin their 2011 season on the road in Tampa Bay. The teams will meet on Friday, April 1 at Tropicana Field, the 18th time in 58 years the Orioles will have opened their schedule away from Baltimore. After two more games in Tampa, the 2011 team will make their debut at Camden Yards on Monday, April 4 against the Detroit Tigers. After an off-day on April 5, the Orioles will play the Tigers twice more, followed by a three-game set with the Texas Rangers from April 8-10 to conclude the opening homestand.

The Orioles will play each of their AL East rivals three times at Oriole Park. The New York Yankees will make their first visit to Baltimore the weekend of April 22-24, followed by a two-game stop in May (18-19) and a four-game weekend series in August (26-29). The Red Sox will have three three-game series at Camden Yards - April 26-28, July 18-20 and September 26-28. The Tampa Bay Rays will make their first trip to Oriole Park the weekend of May 6-8, followed by two more three-game series June 10-12 and September 12-14. The Toronto Blue Jays will play in Baltimore June 3-5, August 5-7 and August 30-September 1.

In interleague play in 2011 the Cincinnati Reds (June 24-26) and St. Louis Cardinals (June 28-30) will play at Camden Yards for the first time. The Birds will also continue their rivalry with Washington in a home-and-home series against the Nationals. Baltimore will host a three-game series against the Nationals, May 20-22, then play at Nationals Park June 17-19. The Birds will also travel to Pittsburgh (June 20-22) and Atlanta (July 1-3) .

In addition to opening at home against the Tigers, the Orioles will host another three-game series against Detroit at Camden Yards August 12-14. The Orioles will also host the Los Angeles Angels two times (July 22-24 and September 16-18). They will face every other American League Central and AL West opponent once in Baltimore.

Baltimore will play 16 home games in April and August, their busiest months at Oriole Park. Overall, the Orioles will play 45 of the 91 games prior to the All-Star break at Camden Yards. They have three 10-game homestands - April 18-28 against Minnesota, New York and Boston; July 14-24 against Cleveland, Boston and Los Angeles; and August 5-14 against Toronto, Chicago and Detroit.

The Orioles have two 10-game road trips in 2011 - July 1-10 to Atlanta, Texas and Boston and August 15-25 to Oakland, Los Angeles and Minnesota. Baltimore’s busiest travel months are July and September, when they play 16 of 26 games away from Camden Yards.

Baltimore will conclude the season at home with a three-game series against Boston, September 26-28.

Times will be announced at a later date.

Here’s the schedule:
Friday 1 Tampa Bay Rays
Saturday 2 Tampa Bay Rays
Sunday 3 Tampa Bay Rays
Monday 4 Detroit Tigers
Tuesday 5 open
Wednesday 6 Detroit Tigers
Thursday 7 Detroit Tigers
Friday 8 Texas Rangers
Saturday 9 Texas Rangers
Sunday 10 Texas Rangers
Monday 11 open
Tuesday 12 at New York Yankees
Wednesday 13 at New York Yankees
Thursday 14 at New York Yankees
Friday 15 at Cleveland Indians
Saturday 16 at Cleveland Indians
Sunday 17 at Cleveland Indians
Monday 18 Minnesota Twins
Tuesday 19 Minnesota Twins
Wednesday 20 Minnesota Twins
Thursday 21 Minnesota Twins
Friday 22 New York Yankees
Saturday 23 New York Yankees
Sunday 24 New York Yankees
Monday 25 open
Tuesday 26 Boston Red Sox
Wednesday 27 Boston Red Sox
Thursday 28 Boston Red Sox
Friday 29 at Chicago White Sox
Saturday 30 at Chicago White Sox


Sunday 1 at Chicago White Sox
Monday 2 at Chicago White Sox
Tuesday 3 at Kansas City Royals
Wednesday 4 at Kansas City Royals
Thursday 5 at Kansas City Royals
Friday 6 Tampa Bay Rays
Saturday 7 Tampa Bay Rays
Sunday 8 Tampa Bay Rays
Monday 9 open
Tuesday 10 Seattle Mariners
Wednesday 11 Seattle Mariners
Thursday 12 Seattle Mariners
Friday 13 at Tampa Bay Rays
Saturday 14 at Tampa Bay Rays
Sunday 15 at Tampa Bay Rays
Monday 16 at Boston Red Sox
Tuesday 17 at Boston Red Sox
Wednesday 18 New York Yankees
Thursday 19 New York Yankees
Friday 20 Washington Nationals
Saturday 21 Washington Nationals
Sunday 22 Washington Nationals
Monday 23 open
Tuesday 24 Kansas City Royals
Wednesday 25 Kansas City Royals
Thursday 26 Kansas City Royals
Friday 27 at Oakland Athletics
Saturday 28 at Oakland Athletics
Sunday 29 at Oakland Athletics
Monday 30 at Seattle Mariners
Tuesday 31 at Seattle Mariners


Wednesday 1 at Seattle Mariners
Thursday 2 open
Friday 3 Toronto Blue Jays
Saturday 4 Toronto Blue Jays
Sunday 5 Toronto Blue Jays
Monday 6 Oakland Athletics
Tuesday 7 Oakland Athletics
Wednesday 8 Oakland Athletics
Thursday 9 open
Friday 10 Tampa Bay Rays
Saturday 11 Tampa Bay Rays
Sunday 12 Tampa Bay Rays
Monday 13 open
Tuesday 14 at Toronto Blue Jays
Wednesday 15 at Toronto Blue Jays
Thursday 16 at Toronto Blue Jays
Friday 17 at Washington Nationals
Saturday 18 at Washington Nationals
Sunday 19 at Washington Nationals
Monday 20 at Pittsburgh Pirates
Tuesday 21 at Pittsburgh Pirates
Wednesday 22 at Pittsburgh Pirates
Thursday 23 open
Friday 24 Cincinnati Reds
Saturday 25 Cincinnati Reds
Sunday 26 Cincinnati Reds
Monday 27 open
Tuesday 28 St. Louis Cardinals
Wednesday 29 St. Louis Cardinals
Thursday 30 St. Louis Cardinals


Friday 1 at Atlanta Braves
Saturday 2 at Atlanta Braves
Sunday 3 at Atlanta Braves
Monday 4 at Texas Rangers
Tuesday 5 at Texas Rangers
Wednesday 6 at Texas Rangers
Thursday 7 at Boston Red Sox
Friday 8 at Boston Red Sox
Saturday 9 at Boston Red Sox
Sunday 10 at Boston Red Sox
Monday 11 All
Tuesday 12 STAR
Wednesday 13 BREAK
Thursday 14 Cleveland Indians
Friday 15 Cleveland Indians
Saturday 16 Cleveland Indians
Sunday 17 Cleveland Indians
Monday 18 Boston Red Sox
Tuesday 19 Boston Red Sox
Wednesday 20 Boston Red Sox
Thursday 21 open
Friday 22 Los Angeles Angels
Saturday 23 Los Angeles Angels
Sunday 24 Los Angeles Angels
Monday 25 open
Tuesday 26 at Toronto Blue Jays
Wednesday 27 at Toronto Blue Jays
Thursday 28 at Toronto Blue Jays
Friday 29 at New York Yankees
Saturday 30 at New York Yankees
Sunday 31 at New York Yankees


Monday 1 open
Tuesday 2 at Kansas City Royals
Wednesday 3 at Kansas City Royals
Thursday 4 at Kansas City Royals
Friday 5 Toronto Blue Jays
Saturday 6 Toronto Blue Jays
Sunday 7 Toronto Blue Jays
Monday 8 Chicago White Sox
Tuesday 9 Chicago White Sox
Wednesday 10 Chicago White Sox
Thursday 11 Chicago White Sox
Friday 12 Detroit Tigers
Saturday 13 Detroit Tigers
Sunday 14 Detroit Tigers
Monday 15 at Oakland Athletics
Tuesday 16 at Oakland Athletics
Wednesday 17 at Oakland Athletics
Thursday 18 open
Friday 19 at Los Angeles Angels
Saturday 20 at Los Angeles Angels
Sunday 21 at Los Angeles Angels
Monday 22 at Minnesota Twins
Tuesday 23 at Minnesota Twins
Wednesday 24 at Minnesota Twins
Thursday 25 at Minnesota Twins
Friday 26 New York Yankees
Saturday 27 New York Yankees
Sunday 28 New York Yankees
Monday 29 New York Yankees
Tuesday 30 Toronto Blue Jays
Wednesday 31 Toronto Blue Jays


Thursday 1 Toronto Blue Jays
Friday 2 at Tampa Bay Rays
Saturday 3 at Tampa Bay Rays
Sunday 4 at Tampa Bay Rays
Monday 5 at New York Yankees
Tuesday 6 at New York Yankees
Wednesday 7 at New York Yankees
Thursday 8 open
Friday 9 at Toronto Blue Jays
Saturday 10 at Toronto Blue Jays
Sunday 11 at Toronto Blue Jays
Monday 12 Tampa Bay Rays
Tuesday 13 Tampa Bay Rays
Wednesday 14 Tampa Bay Rays
Thursday 15 open
Friday 16 Los Angeles Angels
Saturday 17 Los Angeles Angels
Sunday 18 Los Angeles Angels
Monday 19 at Boston Red Sox
Tuesday 20 at Boston Red Sox
Wednesday 21 at Boston Red Sox
Thursday 22 at Detroit Tigers
Friday 23 at Detroit Tigers
Saturday 24 at Detroit Tigers
Sunday 25 at Detroit Tigers
Monday 26 Boston Red Sox
Tuesday 27 Boston Red Sox
Wednesday 28 Boston Red Sox

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