Post-game Showalter

Tonight’s attendance: 13,507.

Welcome to the first three-game losing streak under manager Buck Showalter.

“(Matt) Garza’s got good stuff, but there’s some things we’ve got to do better,” Showalter said. “We missed the cutoff man, cost us a run. And a couple other things we’ll correct.”

How about that 5-32 record against AL East opponents besides the Red Sox?

Kevin Millwood lost his 15th game, which leads the majors. This is the first time he failed to complete six innings since Aug. 1 at Kansas City.

“He gave us a chance to win,” Showalter said. “He didn’t have as of good command of his curveball as he had in Anaheim, but he got the same number of outs that Garza got. He gave us a chance to get back in it. That’s a testament to him. He went out there not holding what he had last time out. You can see what he’s capable of last time when he had all his pitches working.

“They waited him out. He had, what, four or five walks and a hit by pitch? The good side of that is he didn’t give up a real big inning. He gave us a chance.”

Impressive game from Mark Hendrickson, who struck out five in three scoreless innings.

“I thought Hendrickson, that’s as good an outing as you can get out of the bullpen,” Showalter said. “J.J. got an out there. I kept hoping we would put something together. The key to the game is we scored one run.”

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