Pre-game notes

Manager Buck Showalter wanted to give Brandon Snyder and Robert Andino consecutive starts. That’s pretty much the reason why they’re playing again tonight. He didn’t mention any injuries.

“I think it’s important to give them two days in a row, kind of get the adrenaline down to a manageable level a little bit,” Showalter said. “I said earlier when we were playing Tampa and New York and Boston, with the competitive integrity, that when we got into some of these games, we’d try to get some more looks at guys because those are dwindling - the innings played, the innings pitched, those opportunities to help us make good decisions.”

Showalter met again earlier today with president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail to discuss the roster now and going forward. He wants to take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate some of these players, “but at the same time, we’re trying to win baseball games, and we also think that having them on the field gives us a good chance, too,” Showalter said.

What about the possibility of someone like Snyder pressing?

“I hope so,” Showalter replied. “I hope they’re pressing. I hope it is important to them. I hope they do have a grip on reality of the opportunities you get and you better take advantage of them. That goes for not just Brandon, but all of us, including me. You should have a sense of urgency every time you go out there. Last time I looked, that was part of the job description.”

Showalter isn’t ready to reveal when he’ll shut down one or more of his young starters. It could happen after one more turn. It could happen after two.

He’d still like to give Rick VandenHurk a few starts. In the meantime, he mentioned how some guys are assigned heavy workout days to stay fresh.

Showalter didn’t know that the Orioles were 0-12 against the Blue Jays until earlier today. He’s still learning about this club.

I’m told that the Orioles sold approximately 10,300 tickets for tonight’s game. I’m expecting a few no-shows.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Buck Showalter t-shirt Tuesday.

“Believe me, there will be plenty of them left over, I guarantee you,” he said. “That might be a two- or three-day special for next year and the off-season. I know what we’ll be seeing: ‘I’ve got a few of these. You want to get rid of these?’”

Here’s the Blue Jays lineup:
Snider LF
Escobar SS
Bautista RF
Wells CF
Overbay 1B
Hill 2B
Lind DH
Buck C
Encarnacion 3B

Rzepczynski LHP

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