This, that and the other

It’s Thursday, it’s raining...enough already.

Way too soon to pass along postponement information, but I’d be shocked if we have a game tonight. I’d greatly appreciate final word coming before I drive to Camden Yards, but the chances of it happening are pretty slim. There might be a “window” somewhere later tonight.

I’d keep it shut so the rug doesn’t get wet.

See what happens when you fill up Tropicana Field? The players freak out and they can’t score.

The Orioles took two of three from a team fighting to win the division. Clinching a playoff spot Tuesday night didn’t allow the Rays to relax. Every game still counts.

Did anyone miss Evan Longoria? Besides the Rays, I mean.

This won’t be a final word on Kevin Millwood, but we’re winding down: He worked 190 2/3 innings, eight shy of his total last year in the same number of games, when he finished 13-10 for the Rangers. And keep in mind that he spent some time on the disabled list.

Millwood provided innings and leadership. Too bad he couldn’t provide more than four wins - not always his fault, but his first-inning struggles often sabotaged his starts.

If the Orioles were searching for a starter for the backend of their rotation, I could see how they’d retain some interest in Millwood, at a greatly reduced rate, of course. But they’re more likely to focus on the front end of the rotation over the winter, which would seem to push Millwood out of their plans.

Last night’s start, besides allowing the Orioles to avoid 100 losses, also provided another example of good things happening to good people. And he’s one of the really good ones.

Jake Arrieta told reporters in St. Petersburg yesterday that he’s not going to have the bone spur removed from his right elbow. Dr. Lewis Yocum’s second opinion matched Arrieta’s first instinct.

I’m not going to tell Arrieta what he should do with his arm. He uses it to make a living. But he should be prepared for the closer scrutiny each time he struggles. Same with Matt Albers and that tear in his labrum, which would have required a much more serious procedure. That spur will be blamed for everything from an abbreviated outing to a bad mustache.

Arrieta said the spur doesn’t prevent him from throwing effectively. He did, however, experience some tightness in his triceps related to the spur, and he said it limits his flexibility, though not severely enough to cause any concerns.

Yocum and team orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens apparently share the same opinion, judging from the reports, and the Orioles seem fine with Arrieta’s decision, at least publicly. You won’t convince me that they’re not at least a little worried about the spur becoming an issue next season. But it’ll give reporters something else to obsess over in spring training.

We got a lot of mileage out of Troy Patton’s labrum tear a few years ago, Brian Roberts’ back earlier this year and Koji Uehara’s hamstring the last two springs. I could have made a living just checking on Kris Benson’s rotator cuff in 2007.

Just no groins, please. That’s all I ask.

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