Tying one on again (updated)

Let’s review Ty Wigginton’s last four games:

He singles in the winning run on Sunday, preventing a Yankees sweep. He lifts a sacrifice fly on Monday that gives the Orioles a lead. He belts a three-run homer last night that gives the Orioles a lead. He doubles tonight to give the Orioles a lead.

Probably a good idea to keep him in the lineup.

Wigginton’s RBI total jumped to 74 tonight with his fourth-inning double off John Lackey that broke a scoreless tie. Nick Markakis singled with one out and raced home with the go-ahead run on Wigginton’s ball off the Green Monster in left field.

Instant update: Wigginton still has some work to do. David Ortiz just hit a three-run homer off Kevin Millwood in the bottom of the fourth to give Boston a 3-1 lead.

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