And so it begins...

I hear the voice of Stewie from “Family Guy” every time I type or say that line.

The offseason has begun with me staring out the window at the rain and my daughter staying home from school with an upset stomach caused by the antibiotics she’s taking to fight an infection in her thumb.

Swallowing the pills on a full stomach didn’t work as promised. So now what do I do? Call the doctor and ask for the pills that don’t upset my kid’s stomach? I didn’t realize that I needed to be so specific.

If it comes down to different medication or the loss of a thumb, I guess I’ll call the doctor.

My head is still spinning, but not from antibiotics. I blame the 2010 season.

Wasn’t I just blogging from my hotel room in Sarasota? Wasn’t I just complaining about, well, everything until I got settled, learned my way around town and started to appreciate everything that it had to offer?

Didn’t one of the locals down there just buy me a drink and call me “fresh meat?”

Wasn’t I just chasing around Dave Trembley on the back fields at the Ed Smith Stadium complex?

Didn’t I just predict that Kam Mickolio would be the breakout player this season?

Didn’t I apologize for that already?

Didn’t Michael Gonzalez just tell reporters again that his shoulder was fine?

Didn’t Lou Montanez just put up the “Gone Fishin’” sign at his locker?

Didn’t Koji Uehara just strain his hamstring again?

Didn’t I just declare that Uehara would be injured all season and never again pitch for the Orioles?

Didn’t I just get Frank Mata and Armando Gabino confused?

Didn’t I just meet’s new Orioles beat reporter, Brittany Ghiroli, and make some lame Tonya Harding joke?

Didn’t Ghiroli just flee the media trailer after my first spring training tantrum, which doesn’t faze the veteran reporters?

Didn’t I just guarantee that Chad Moeller would beat out Craig Tatum for the backup catcher’s job?

Didn’t I just start looking up Julio Lugo’s stats after the Orioles acquired him?

Didn’t I just look up the contract that he signed with the Red Sox and almost pass out?

Didn’t I just write “herniated disk” for the first time?

Didn’t I just predict that the Orioles would hover around .500 this season?

(Feel free to take it from here)

Seems like only yesterday, my friends.

The Orioles ended up with the fourth-worst record in baseball, which would have sounded a lot worse back in March.

Here are the final draft standings:
Pittsburgh 57-105
Seattle 61-101
Arizona 65-97
Orioles 66-96
Kansas City 67-95

I’ll be back later today, once I figure out what I’m doing with my daughter besides waiting on her all day like her personal butler. But I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and your enthusiasm and loyalty during a most difficult season, one that tested our patience and often frayed our nerves.

We didn’t always agree or get along, which is to be expected, but I’m thankful to have such a devoted following, and for fans who can carry on an intelligent baseball discussion, who get my sense of humor (or at least tolerate it), who willingly ride out my grumpy moods, and who provide a nice safety net for me when I accidentally stray from the facts.

The pace might slow down a bit around here, but we’re not shutting down. And don’t be surprised if, within a few days, we’re discussing which coaches have been retained on manager Buck Showalter’s staff.

Didn’t I just meet Jeff Datz?

Seems like only yesterday.

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