Crow changing roles; what about Bordy?

The Sun is reporting, through unnamed sources, that Terry Crowley has accepted a position as an “organizational-wide offensive evaluator,” which also leaves the Orioles in the market for a hitting coach.

This is an interesting reversal from Crowley, who had agreed to return as hitting coach next season. I’m told he was given the option by manager Buck Showalter and accepted it, but three weeks later, he’s apparently changed his mind and his title.

I haven’t been able to reach Crowley in my last few attempts, so he’s obviously laying low until the Orioles make the announcement. That won’t happen until all the coaches are in place.

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of speculation about former shortstop Mike Bordick possibly joining the staff. So far, that idea hasn’t been floated past him.

Bordick served as a roving minor league instructor last season, though he was a frequent visitor to Camden Yards.

“The last indication I got is I’ll be doing pretty much the same thing I did last year, with maybe a little extra responsibilities, depending on what they do as far as shuffling coaches around and things like that. But I think it’s going to be pretty much the same, unless I hear differently,” he said.

“I haven’t heard anything about the big league level. I have to go to Phoenix next week for the organizational meetings, so that’s a good sign there. Maybe I’ll find out more about what my role’s going to be.”

Would Bordick be interested in a coaching position on Showalter’s staff?

“That’s a situation where I’d be kind of crazy not to at least take a look at that opportunity,” he said. “I think my ultimate goal is to get back in the big leagues, but right now I’m in a perfect situation. I’m able be closer to home and see my kids and sleep in my bed at least half the time anyway.

“I’m happy with the way I’m kind of getting introduced back into pro baseball, but if situations came up like that, I’d be crazy not to at least give it a good look and see how things work.

“I’m not saying I’d jump at the opportunity, but I would definitely have to be interested in it.”

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