Showalter on his staff and B-Rob’s status

Manager Buck Showalter says he wants to address his coaching staff before the conclusion of the World Series, speeding up the timetable that he originally laid out.

“That’s not something that I’m going to string along for very long, in fairness to everybody concerned,” he said. “We’ve had a couple conversations with them. It was a tough day yesterday, and obviously real tough today with two games, but I’m going to try to speed up the process before they all leave so they know what’s going on a little bit.


“I’m focused on the six coaches here and what they could potentially bring. I’m not out there coveting other...there are a lot of people capable of doing the job I’m doing as good, if not better, and they understand how competitive this business is.

“I can tell you this - I can see why their work was coveted here and why they’re well-thought of.”

Showalter referred to Brian Roberts’ situation as a “day-to-day” thing.

“(He’s) about the same. Not the improvement we had hoped to see,” Showalter said.

Asked what Roberts is dealing with, Showalter replied, “Right now he’s got some symptoms from headaches.”

Are the headaches a product of something that happened on the field?

“That’s something that I’d feel a little more comfortable with if Robby was comfortable addressing it the way he’d want to address it,” Showalter replied.

Roberts wasn’t available to reporters earlier today.

Showalter was asked if he still views David Hernandez, Jason Berken and Jim Johnson as relievers, despite their past experience as starters, or would he consider allowing them to compete for spots in the rotation.

“I’m aware of their history and the different roles they served here, and that’s a discussion that I think will be coming,” he replied. “Berken’s one guy I don’t feel real sure about being equipped to handle that evaluation, because I saw him at the end where he was obviously having some issues. We feel comfortable with where we think he’s going to be physically in the spring, but you don’t want to assume that.

“J.J.’s obviously come back here and gotten into a pretty good spot there, but I’m aware of some of the multiple ways of looking at those guys. I think in a lot of cases where David and Berken were, primarily it was because of necessity and need as much as anything, and we’ll see where we are, where they best provide depth and whether or not they fit into where we are next year breaking camp.”

Hernandez has filled just about every role. Showalter said he’d like to establish one for Hernandez next season, “but sometimes the needs of the club force those things to not be able to happen.”

Hernandez’s role also will be influenced by the moves made by the club over the winter, whether they center on the rotation or bullpen.

The Orioles are 31-22 under Showalter, including 13-4 in series openers. They’re 10-6-1 in their first 17 series since Showalter was hired.

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