Is Nakajima staying in Japan?

I’m not a big Twitter guy, as you might have figured out, but I signed up so I could check the tweets - ugh - on NPB Tracker.

Here’s one of the first tweets - dear Lord - that I stumbled upon:

“Looks like Seibu is not going to post Nakajima”

That’s 28-year-old Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, who has been heavily scouted by the Orioles. John Stockstill confirmed their interest last week.

Here’s a followup quote attributed to Seibu owner Goto: “If there’s a hope we’ll talk about it, but we want to aim for a championship next year.”

It doesn’t mean Nakajima is completely off the board at this time. Only Sanspo is issuing this report. But it’s beginning to look like he won’t be an option for a major league team in search of a shortstop this winter.

Naka...Naka...not going to be playing for the Orioles.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to scrub down in the shower after my first venture into Twitter. I feel so dirty.

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