Roberts dealing with concussion-like symptoms

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts will likely undergo a CT scan tomorrow to determine the cause of the headaches and dizziness that prevented him from playing in the last six games of the season.

Roberts noticed that the symptoms began after he hit his helmet with his bat in frustration after striking out in the ninth inning of Monday’s game. Bad idea when you’re still wearing the helmet.

“It’s something I’ve done a million times,” he said. “I still can’t tell you for sure if that’s it, but it’s the only thing that I can point to because that night and the next morning I just didn’t feel good and it’s been going on since then.

“I just have some lack of balance and some headaches and stuff that hasn’t been a whole lot of fun. We’re still working on trying to get all of the results and figure out what’s going on.”

What a way to end a season that’s overflowed with injuries and ailments.

“It’s been one for the memory banks but not for the best memory banks,” he said. “There have been some good things. Just because things don’t necessarily go exactly the way you want them to doesn’t mean it’s all been a negative or a wash. We’ve done some great things and I’ll be ready to go February 2011. It just hasn’t been the best 2010.

“I’ve never had concussion-like symptoms in my life and it’s not fun. It’s not something you want to go through everyday, that’s for sure. It’s a lesson to myself, a lesson to kids: Don’t do that, no matter how frustrated you are.”

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