What’s going on

I’m not posing a question with the title of this entry, though I’m also interested in your lives. Just wanted to check in during a commercial break on Wall To Wall Baseball with Tom Davis and Dave Johnson.

We just finished 90 minutes on MASN, leaving the last 90 minutes exclusively on ESPN Radio 1300 AM. I’ll head to Camden Yards after 2 p.m. and prepare for O’s Xtra and the game that follows.

I’ll post the lineup, hopefully, around 3:35 p.m. I need the Orioles to post it first, and there have been some delays lately.

Manager Buck Showalter will need to check on Brian Roberts, who’s been unavailable because of recurring headaches. Roberts might take the field again for an early workout with head athletic trainer Richie Bancells.

I just brought up how the starters have posted a 3.17 ERA under Showalter, and asked whether catcher Matt Wieters deserves some of the credit. Is he calling a better game? Does he have little or nothing to do with it?

A reader asked me yesterday whether the Tigers might be in a rebuilding mode over the winter and make Miguel Cabrera available in a trade. One of Detroit’s respected baseball writers told me the roster won’t be dismantled and Cabrera isn’t going anywhere. Something about an 81-year-old owner who wants to win right now. Sorry.

Pat Sajak just called into the show. He’s talking to us right now. Pretty cool. Guess I better focus.

I’ll try not to bring up Vanna’s name.

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