Naka...Naka...not gonna be fooled again

That’s it. The joke has finally run its course.

As a few readers pointed out - and thanks for the heads-up - Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima isn’t being posted, so he can’t come to the U.S.

That’s twice that the Seibu Lions’ ownership nixed the idea. I think we can finally end the dance.

NPB Tracker sent out another tweet earlier this afternoon that read: “In the what’s become a quite banal dialog, Seibu again denies Nakajima’s posting appeals”

Two strikes and you’re out.

Sort of like the Canadian Football League, where you only have three downs.

The Orioles checked out Nakajima multiple times, they were impressed, they might be in the market for a shortstop if they don’t re-sign Cesar Izturis, blah blah blah.

Nothing you don’t already know.

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